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Professional Construction & Development

We’re a full-service Construction & Development, a premier service and specializing High End New Residential, Residential Community, Multi-Family or Commercial Structure Syndications based in Los Angeles, Orange County, Venture and Inland Empire. With over 17 years experience in the construction industry, providing our clients top-notch service.

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering high quality construction service that exceed our client’s expectations. We are Licensed and Insured.

Framing Crew – Wood /Metal Stud (Submit your plans)

Tile Installers /Setters /Cutters Crew (Quartz, Porcelain, or Stone)

Installers for Wood Floors (Submit your plans for a quote)

Drywall / Finishers / Painters Crew (Submit your plans for quote)

Plumbers Crew ( Submit your plan for quote)

HVAC Crew (Submit your plans for quote)

Concrete Flat (Submit your plans for quote)

Home Designers – Call for Consultation

We specialize in hiring the Top Talent Crew for your job site(s) – Commercial, high-end Residential / Commercial from ground-up construction and large-scale building additions to renovations and remodels, the success of any commercial /residential construction project is directly dependent on the quality and dependability of your workforce. The result is you receive a skilled tradesmen solution designed to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and enable more profit for the construction project.

If you are a candidate, click here to submit your resume and credentials.